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"Probably the most comfortable clipboard manager I have ever used! It's lightweight and always there when I need it!" - Joe Mineiro, just another happy user

Decacopy and Decacopy Lite was built by people who want to make copying easier and more convenient for people who want the same. Decaopy apps are made for you:

1. FREE of charge!

Yes, that's correct - Decacopy apps are and will always be free of charge! Isn't that great?

You can use the software free of charge by allowing our proxy service use your connection to legally retrieve content from public websites.

2. To use, not to configure

Decacopy apps are always there for you! ZERO configuration means, that you just install it and work as usual. You can ask for some previous copied value at the moment you need it!
Isn't that great?

3. To save time

Every click, every window switch counts when you think about hours, days and months spent on your computer. Decacopy apps saves millions unnecessary actions of yours and that is YOUR TIME
Isn't that great?

Making your work faster is easy as 1-2-3

Make your note management a lot more efficient with DecaCopy Lite by Saving your last 10 copied texts or other items, and choosing when and where you want to paste them.

Performing multiple copy processes at once will allow you to save some time and clicks, so forget the need to jump back and forth between different screens and applications. This makes your work-flow a lot more manageable.

Why choose Decacopy?

There are 3 simple, bulletproof arguments

Fast and smooth

Not only the Decacopy works smooth, but computer performance in general is not affected.
Dont you like when things just work?

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Any type of text

You will never lose the formatting, newlines etc. with Decacopy. Because small things matter.
Don't you like when things just work?

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Works everywhere

Decacopy is made to be used in any app that you use, and is always ready to take care of your copies from any source.
Don't you like when things just work?

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We're constantly improving the Decacopy apps, to make them even better for you, us and everyone. Here's the place where you can always find the newest version of Decacopy. And if you already have it, your app will get automatic updates with the newest features!

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